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Acronym References

What is SH ?

Bourne Shell

The shell of the Bourne (Bourne shell) or sh a shell or interpreter the command line for the operating system of a computer is that in the year 1977 by Stephen Bourne created. The Bourne Shell Shell the default in Version 7 Unix. This shell is still in many operating systems, Unix-like found that either the same shell, Bourne is the main, or a symbolic link to a shell compatible, like Bash. even if most users of shells other use. This shell at Bell Labs, developed and is a replacement for the Shell Thomson is the name of the executable file, it Shell also sh. However, from the Shell to perform interactive tasks also can be used. commonly referred to as the shell for script programming is considered to be and a lot of the functionality that to write the program structured is needed. With the release of the book, environment programming Unix, written by Brian and Rob Pike., the popularity of the Shell rose. This book is the first book that had the shell as a programming language in the form of a tutorial introduction.