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Acronym References

What is SLS ?

Softlanding Linux System

Linux SLS was the first distribution to the meaning of today's Linux. Peter McDonald's for the first time to put together the Linux kernel and programs of the project of GNU, in the side program, such as X Windows and TCP/IP on 15 August 1992, was the first distribution to the meaning of today's supply. This sets the program continues to founder main developer of Linux distros to form.
however, the bugs are abundant, the distribution with the comments various users along. but the SLS for a while to one year Linux distribution for users.
overwhelmed by the abundant SLS makes every effort enthusiasts, to fix the problems, this was distributed. Thus in the winter 92 collection of variations on the SLS in the direction of fixing bugs, improving functionality, and also complete , and apply. However, the lack of interest in Peter McDonald's to use the changes up to 1993, causing the release of the distribution , the first distribution is widely used, which is also the oldest active distribution, Linux. patrol.
in the meantime, complexity, improvement, SLS, and unsuccessful attempts, Yan Marduk in the field of improvement, it makes a spark, create distributive from scratch by his patrol.

lack of proper development and that the needs of the users by Peter McDonald at SLS cause the migration of users to the distribution derived from it. (this is the first background in the space of Linux. that criticism also faced.) And the end of the early first distribution in the form of modern-day supplied the Linux patrol.