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Acronym References

What is SRP ?

Socialist Reich Party

Party Reich socialist party political in West Germany, the former was after the Second World War and in 1949 was established. The party itself officially the "National Socialist" (Nazi) and pro-Hitler, sings, and from the party Empire, Germany, radiating. Otto Ernst rammers and Fritz of the most important figures of this party were.

party of the Reich, the socialist contender, who was the nut hand, the United States, and Carl last "rector"of legitimate Reich, a pan-Germain. This party believed that the Holocaust legend is claimed that the furnace, Adam, Susie Dachau after the war ended by the US have been made. The party of the Reich, a socialist, believed that Europe, under the leadership of the German Reich should, as a "third force" against capitalism and communism ascension.

party Reich socialist Bali military was also found that "the Reich front" (the front of the Reich) was called.

party of the Reich, a socialist more than ten thousand members was the election Saxony Sofala 16 seats, and in Bremen 8 seats business.

the party in 1952, was banned.