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Acronym References

What is SLR ?

Single Lens Reflex

Camera SSL, RSS, or camera, single-lens reflection (SLR) or reflective type of camera is that of a system Mirror semi-auto to view the image by the photographer.

When Choosing landscape and vision, optical mirror that of the attached lens will be imported to the extent of ninety degrees upwards pervert does, then this light two times by the prism of five faceted glass or mirror () can be reflected to the eye of the photographer sent. During the exposure the mirror upwards, revolve., the vent aperture, a shutter opens and allow the lens the light on the image sensor).

then the second shutter, the sensor can cover, that is, the time of exposure has ended. The mirror comes down and the shutter instead of your returns. During the time when the mirror-up are turning to blackout the viewfinder called. A mirror and shutter fast is better, especially when the subject is moving and the delay should not have.

all what was described in thousandth of seconds and automatically takes place. Camera, fast the operation can be up to ten times a second. Photographers, this camera, prefer, because, the photographer can preview the real from the frame at the moment of exposure, there was an important reason that can lenses variety chosen and on your camera install. One possibility, the other being a preview the actual depth of field to the photographer.