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Acronym References

What is SP ?

Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg (SP), the second largest city in Russia after Moscow, is leading the north-west of the country is located.

This city in the year 1703 to the command and supervision of Peter the Great was built, and from that time until 1918 the capital of Russia. A while Petrograd was called. After the reversal of the Empire, the czars, called Lenin, the Leningrad was read, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union in this country to name those based on ideology .

This city as the scene of the 1917 revolution, Russia and base defense stubbornly against Nazi Germany in time, World War II, some of them important and has a vital role in the history of the Russians, it is the cultural center of Russia, and also the reputation.

this the city that for two centuries the capital of Russia. between the years 1914 to 1924 was Petrograd the name of the note and at the time of Soviet rule for 67 years (from 1924 to 1991) Leningrad read.