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Acronym References

What is OCR ?

Optical Character Recognition

Optical recognition characters that know the OCR is known. the phrase is from the recognition auto-texts contained in images of documents and convert them to text searchable and editable by computers. The image of the document, often by or digital camera can be produced and includes the number of pixels with different colors and brightness levels. Of human vision, a document might value intelligence a lot. but from computer vision the image of a document with the image of a landscape different? because both of them set of pixels. To whether the information can be text, image, document, ... must be somehow written, contained in document recognition. Such work is software character reader optical done.

word OCR first, only in the case of recognition of figures and letters printed used. The extension optical at these words in front of words, the compound Magnetic was put up to this method of procedure, and, more recognition characters, with a composite magnetic∗, etc. MICR., the distinctive. With the passage of time and the significant progress in this field, the methods of recognition manuscript, and the texts printed raised were that the scope of work to words and phrases." Despite the lack of exact matching, OCR with these cases, the name for this method, and partly for the recognition of handwritten notes.∗, too, was used, and Vogue. Now, OCR's more for the recognition, documentation, printed, like the pages of a book, journal, and letters printed to the brand.