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Acronym References

What is OS ?

Operating System

Operating system or system OS is software that manages the computer's resources to undertake inpatient and provides that software applications have been implemented and of its services. The operating system services to applications and user offers. Applications or through the interfaces, programming, functional (Application User Interface-APIs), or through calling System (system call) access to these services. By calling this interface, applications can make a service from the operating system request. parameters transfer, etc., and reply operation to receive. Might users with some types of user interface software, like interface command line (Command Line Interface-CLI) or a graphical user interface (Graphical User Interface-GUI) and operating system interaction. For computers, handheld and desktop, generally user interface as part of the operating system is considered to be. In the system, and multi-user like Unix and systems like Unix, etc. user interface, commonly referred to as an application which is outside of the operating system runs can be implemented.