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Acronym References

What is OPENGL ?

Open Graphic Library

Open LG (OpenGL) is a programming interface software, the greater Sunda Islands, for rendering two-dimensional and three-dimensional. This programming interface is usually used for interaction with the processor graphics, and to obtain the rendering has accelerated by the hardware used.

open kitchen, LG stands for Open Graphic Library (graphics library) is, but the open kitchen, LG Your by no means a library software, not open source software also do not count (because it contains no code, is not); or open LG's, only standard, open to describe a graphical interface that is several companies have been developed and can be used by drivers graphics, operating systems, and various software implementations.

open LG by the company Silicon of the year 1991 developed and was released in 1992 and widely used in the design to help the computer, etc. reality, virtual, visualization, etc., visual storage information, simulating the flight and the video game was handled. Open LG by the organization, consortium, non-profit, technology, Khronos Group Management.

open LG a programming interface application abstract, for graphics, two-dimensional and three-dimensional describe. Although that may be the interface for a software implementation. open LG designed to for almost full or completely in hardware implementation.

the programming interface, as the number function that may be provided by a program client, sound), plus a number of fixed numerical (for example, GL_TEXTURE_2D, which correspond to the number of decimal 3553) is defined. Although the definition of functions for apparently similar the thirty are, but it's independent from the language.

plus, independent of the language being in. open LG's platform independent. Open LG nothing about getting and managing an environment, OpenGL does not say and as it details the system window drop. For this reason, Open LG to the net to rendering the attention and does any interface for input, sound and the window doesn't provide.