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Acronym References

What is OLED ?

Organic Light Emitting Diode

Diode oncoming light, organic, refer to the OLED, a form of polymer luminescent, which is the layer that its circumference the membrane of the organic compounds are located. This layer is usually significant object, a polymer that allows organic compounds to be good at it collectors. the compounds in rows and on a smooth board the carrier during a release process, simple in the county. this set of pixels are formed, which can be lights with different colors, different from your emitting. Such system can be used in TV screen, computer screen, and the screen of portable appliances such as :mobile, pocket PC, used in promotional items, such as Bill boards advertising it used to be. OLED also can be used as light source in the space used. OLED is usually less light compared to the LED -that the structure of the solid, it is used in -is. Not bad to know that LED to form a point source of light, right.