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Acronym References

What is NMR ?

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Magnetic resonance core (NMR) is a physical phenomenon based on quantum mechanical.

in the presence of a magnetic field strong, and the energy core, certain elements due to the magnetic properties of these particles to the two or more alignment forked. Electrons are also the way the same core of the act. Transfers between energy levels, induced magnetic sure can absorb electromagnetic radiation with a frequency proper to be done. Just like transfers electron that absorb ultraviolet radiation or visible are done. The difference in energy between levels, a quantum magnetic for atomic nuclei to some is that radiation, in the range from 0. the 1 to 100MHz match. Spectroscopy NMR to order things up a little bit, too, in order to identify the quality of the molecules used. Though the main power of this device in identifying the qualitative organic compounds, and bio is very complex.