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What is NASDAQ ?

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation

The Nasdaq (NASDAQ) is a stock market equity in America. This market in the list of stock exchanges in terms of market value, Second rating in the market transaction of electronic stock and ... after the New York Stock Exchange, etc. has. The Nasdaq, with the presence of more than 3321 participate in it. most average number of shares sold on the day in between other exchanges in the United States compared to any stock market else in the world.

this market on the eighth of February 1971 by the National Association of securities traders NASD Foundation has been.

the NASDAQ on the eighth of February, 1971 was established. This market is close to half a century ago by the National Association of securities traders NASD was established. Until 1987, the majority of transactions through the phone was done, but in the flow of incident October 1987 (referring to the Black Monday) the market to the phone does not respond they did, and for this reason the system do orders that small manner, E to enter trades traders be established. In the continuation of the activity of the market, to facilitate trading, a computer system is the Nasdaq, established that the latest proposed price, buy and sell in the market, OTC and primary market for traders and brokers, preparation of the track. The Nasdaq, no big trading physical that buyers and sellers bring together and ... no. All transactions in the company through a computer network or the phone is done.