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Acronym References

What is NSW ?

New South Wales

New South Wales (New South Wales) the name of one of the states country, Australia.

the center of the state, the city of Sydney is the largest city and the most well-known city of rugby.

the state of New South Wales the most populous state of Northern Territory in the south east of the country is located. The state from North to Queensland (Queensland), from the south to the state of Victoria (Victoria), from the west to the state of South Australia and from the east to the Pacific Ocean is limited and an area of over 800 thousand square kilometers.

highest point of it, Snowy Mountains, which is 2228 meters high.

This is the state of parts of the world, that prostitution it is legal and controlled under the law in which there are.

New South Wales with 6, the 889, the 100 people, the most populous state of Northern Territory and a third of the entire population of Australia in its place.

the state, an area almost equal to half the area of Iran. (A little less than half)

some important cities in that it does not have:

Sydney (Sydney)
Newcastle (New Castle)
Wollongong (Wollongong)

The Black Town (Blacktown)