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Acronym References

What is NUMA ?

Non-Uniform Memory Access

Memory access or (NUMA) design of memory a computer can be that in , where access time to memory, to the location of placement relative to processor related. can be used. Under , A processor can Memory your local faster than memory (working memory Local A CPU, other memory or shared between the processor was). The benefits of unique several volume of something special, such as servers, is given its normally tightly to tasks or is dependent.

architecture, to be logically derived from the architecture of multi-processing symmetric (SMS). It commercially in the 1990s, by Bruch (later ), the Canucks computer (later Hewlett-Packard) information systems Hany Vale, Italy (later of the group of the bull), the silicone (later Silicon international), etc. computer systems (later IBM), Data General (later penetration, all Si), the Digital (later Compaq, now HP) were created. Techniques developed by these companies later on several platforms, pseudo and finally, in Windows one or use.

the first implementation of commercial systems basis, Unix, etc. of the family of the servers in a multi-processing symmetric XP-100, which was by Don for the company West information systems Hany Vale, Italy, were created.