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Acronym References

What is NAVA ?

National Anti-Vivisection Alliance

The National Union of anti-live autopsy (NAVA) is an organization of the British consistent in order to protect the rights of animals and prevent the live autopsy, they in medical research and pharmaceuticals.

This is the PA to the year 2010 Pi plan was to activity on issues such as education, protest, anti-live autopsy., the lobbying and political research in the direction of removal, and the Prevention of animal experimentation pays.

Bananas Foster extensive research in the field of animal studies and breeding of animals for this purpose is done. In 2010, confidential report of smuggling of monkeys from the Caribbean for use mainly in the laboratory, American was, and in this case, the organization supporting the welfare of the animals of America have the least 13 the case of the Quran, a clear violation of animal rights report.

in 2010, a report under the title, to birth, to death, in the case of Education, bagel, that sort of breed of dog. the direction of testing in released. This , for the other laboratories, the animal powering. The findings of the report by one of the members of NAVA and the case was prepared. He has that dog in the place is very dirty and that dipped into the urine and be were kept, and on the skin, they are the works of the beat with the sticks was evident. He says:

one from the personnel there to the the dogs went, one of them from the knees raised and kept, and when the animal scramble to conquer to save himself, he's kicking the back of the throat, and saying: Well, Do you want to scramble?

in September 2011, the NAVA calls very much with the UK Government established the government's commitment to reduce the use of animals in the country, under pressure. Fans of bananas Foster was to start a fight in Downing Street (the street that the Parliament of England, in which it is located) on foot. The demonstrators, while purple color (purple color symbolizes the struggle with the live autopsy.) carrying to the parliament, ' and a letter of protest to British Prime Minister David Cameron handed.