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Acronym References

What is ND ?


Neodymium chemical element is in the Periodic Table, show Nd and atomic number 60 is introduced.

neodymium magnets a rare earth metal that is to 18% in scarce flammable there.This metal has a metallic luster, and the color it's bright silver and has been one of reaction most vulnerable to rare earth metals into account. neodymium exposed to the air quickly turbid, and the production of the oxide that does not cause flaking of the metal. This has led to oxidation of more of the metal.

the applications of neodymium are as follows:
neodymium part of The that in coloring glass glasses, welding machine goes to work. Of neodymium coloring glass that has a range of gentle, pure purple, red and grey are used. Of light that this glass is emitted can be the bar absorbed in the Vancouver area emerges. This type of glass is in the activities of the season for the production of braids Shining, which means they are unlikely to grading the spectral lines, there used to be.Glass containing neodymium is a matter laser is that instead of Ruby to generate swing used. Neodymium also to clear green glass that is caused by contaminants, iron is used. Salts of neodymium as the color of the environment of the glaze, application. Neodymium iron permanent very strong Nd2Fe14B used the process. This type of iron after the kidnappers of a variety of magnets, cobalt - are less expensive.