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What is NL ?


The Netherlands (Dutch: Nederland (pronounced: ــ), English: The Netherlands and Holland) to France, pay_, bas, and Holland is a country of the realms of the kingdom of the Netherlands in north western Europe, with sixteen and a half million population, most of them Christian, Protestant. The Muslim population of the Netherlands close to a million people. The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is, but in order to decentering, many ministries and embassies in The Hague city or around it have been deployed. The Netherlands, the main part, and the kingdom of the Netherlands (Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden Rick in ) remains that the islands in Central America will also be included. The Netherlands, north Germany and the neighbor is from the south with Belgium and to the West also through the sea with the United Kingdom. The port of Rotterdam the second largest city in the Netherlands is in terms of area and number of docks that ... the greatest port of Europe is also to be expected.

25% of the land, the country the Netherlands is lower than sea level is 21 percent of its population in these areas live. About 50% of the land, the Netherlands is also a height less than one meter from the sea level. Because that is the name of this country in the Dutch language Nederland means "land of the post" () is a name that many other languages for this country to suffer the same meaning. Netherlands, in, Niederlande, in, the, Netherlands, Croatian, Nizozemska, French Les Pays-Bas, Italian Paesi Bassi, Finnish, Alankomaat and Spanish Países Bajos called that all the languages means "Land post".

the words of the Netherlands, which in the Persian language, and also English and Arabic and many other languages for this country, goes to work, in principle, the name of the area of the country has been (to be compared: pars/Iran) that refer to all of the country to work is gone. Keywords Netherlands, Holland in the Dutch language the middle to form holtland be, and it means "land of wood".