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What is NI ?


The Republic of Nicaragua (República de Nicaragua), is a country in Central America. The capital, Managua. Nicaragua in terms of the area of the largest country in Central America.

Nicaragua from the north with Honduras, to the South by Costa Rica. On the east coast, it the Caribbean Sea and on the West Coast that the Pacific Ocean is located.

the population of Nicaragua is 6 million people, and its currency, Córdoba. Nicaragua is a country is that its official language is Spanish. 69% of the population is mestizo (Half-Blood Indians and white people), etc., 17% white, 5% red and 9% black.

Nicaragua official religion of no, but more people, it Piro branch of Roman Catholic Christianity.

the Spanish empire in the century XVI, the region will conquer the village and Nicaragua in 1821 independence from Spain. From the time of independence. Nicaragua has undergone periods of political unrest, etc. military intervention from the United States, dictatorship, and fiscal crisis was that the events of the basic causes of the occurrence of revolution in Nicaragua in the 1960s and 1970s were. Ago of revolution, Nicaragua was one of the richest and most advanced countries of Central America. Conflict, revolutionary, along with earthquakes, 1972., the position of the former Economic, the country with the deterioration of the face.

Nicaragua nowadays is a Democratic Republic. in recent years, economic growth and political stability is experienced. In 1990, the. Nicaragua, Violeta as president of your choice.

the diversity of environmental, animal, water, island, tropical, volcano, active, etc. increases the travel of tourists to Nicaragua.