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Acronym References

What is NCCA ?

National Commission for Culture and the Arts

The National Assembly Cultural Affairs (NCCA) in 1974 was established. The field work NCCA in the field of funding and financing options and alternatives to the Ministry of culture. Because the activity of NCCA almost coincide with the activities of the section Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of culture . Despite that, the industry, press, cinema, radio, TV, outside of the direct supervision of NCCA are located, but this is due to receiving funding from the council, is valid, subject to the supervision of the the council. In addition to this, the council's budget Affairs, Research and research the field of Culture (A) and , as well as to the activity of cultural-specific grants in certain cases. Assembly referred to generally, the task of provision and the allocation of funds to institutions out of the country on its have but to individuals, Artist Rights, personal payment cannot be. The council also Duty information activities, cultural, and provide a report of the progresses made it to the state to be responsible. Council referred to the information needed to develop, etc. collected and published them in the statistical analysis in this field provide). The council also, in cooperation with the Swedish government to establish, communications, cultural and other countries of the world, the venture of others.