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Acronym References

What is NTSC ?

National Television System Committee

Ann STs. (an acronym for the committee system of the national television), the system of analog TV is that in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and a number of other countries, it used to be. (Refer to map)

Ann STs thirty most use in North America, and Japan. The standard of the ratio of the lengthwise width of 4:3 for the size of the screen image and uses each frame image is composed of 525 lines and the number of frames per second 30 frames.

NLP or SS, SI of the system scans a line in between the following and makes each frame into two fields with 262. the 5 lines/field split. So the frequency of horizontal movement lines/sec 525×29٫97 ≈ 15 in. 734, each of which is the line in the 1/15 was 734 × 103 sec ≈ 63. the 6μsec be scanned.

time displacement of the horizontal 10 of 9 μsec time, decides that the level 52 of 7 μsec for the signal line activated when the image data is displayed.

frame rate 95/59 Hz
The number of lines in frame 525
the use of the original baseline(the coordinates of the color / brightness)
the use of 30 fps