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Acronym References

What is NPG ?

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery (NPG) is an art gallery in the city of London the capital of England is a collection of portraits of the British that of Fame and historical importance are in it to the present. This gallery in 1856 was opened, and in its time, the first Portrait Gallery in the world. The National Portrait Gallery, which he briefly NPG is also called in 1896 to the location of The at the palace, Saint Martin, etc., next to the National Gallery was moved.

Philip Henry ., the fifth Earl ., the Thames Macaulay, the first Baron Macaulay and Thames Carlisle, etc., that are founding this gallery plays an important role and have head them to the damaging at the entrance of the main gallery is placed.

the portrait, to the display, placed in the National Portrait Gallery based on the importance and the reputation of Historical the same person selected and the name or reputation , etc. play a role in the choices they have. Also in the gallery alongside the paintings, the collection also photos, cartoons, and statues, collected.

among the works the gallery can be to the self-portrait of William and Sir Joshua Reynolds, portrait group, participants in the conference Somerset House in 1604, portrait, anamorphic Edward VI the effect of William , etc., painting, Patrick Bronte addition Charlotte, Emily, and it Bronte, and statues of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert that are ages on tone are noted. Also from 1969, allowed to display orientation, portrait, people live also in this gallery is given.