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Acronym References

What is NGO ?

Non Governmental Organization

NGO or NGO (NGO) forms and in different ways, in used around the world, and according to the tissues of the verbal in which used, various types of organizations, notes. NGO in the most general meaning, the Enterprise notes that the straight part of the structure of the state are not counted, but plays a very important role as intermediaries between individual people (Atom community) and the forces governing, and even your community plays.

a lot of NGOs, non-profit, are also. The budget of these organizations through the recapitalization of folks, government agencies, etc. by your government, or a combination of the ways mentioned supply. Some of the NGOs, semi-independent (QUANGOs) the duties and tasks, the government is also doing. Some of these organizations have no interest in politics ... this is while some of them in order to meet the interests of its members solely to lobbying in the State context.

because the term "NGO" is very general. most of these organizations prefer the term voluntary organisation (PVO) or development organization (PDO).

report prepared by the United Nations in 1995, regarding the global government showed that at the time, to 29 time. 000 NGO International existed. The number of NGO's interior countries, even this figure has also been higher: about 2 million NGOs in the United States, activities are more of them in the past 30 years have been formed. Russia also 4000 NGO. In India, 2 million NGO's there are. Daily, several of these organizations are created. Only in Kenya, to 240 NGO in any year established.