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Acronym References

What is 1080I ?

1080 Interlaced

1080 (1080i) is somehow a standard image with a video resolution of 1080×1920, which is in fact the video widescreen with 16:9 aspect ratio creates.

your meaning is that this video interlacing and is in this format, all the pixels and lines, in a processing time are not, but also for interwoven get the job done, i.e., initially the number of Pixels will be processed in time slightly, the rest of the pixels remaining processed and then Con are combined. For example, 6 pixels would imagine that each has a number marked from 1 to 6. First, the pixels of the individual image (frame) of Prime processing. i.e. 1, 3 and 5. Then, the Pixel couples with 2, 4 and 6, the image (frame) next, the case of processing the fall. With this method, all the pixels with difference a little time relative to each other are processed. Of course, this method has a problem, and make it shake the image when you increase the size of the image and the speed of the frame is switching.