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Acronym References

What is 1080P ?

1080 Progressive

1080 (1080p) set from the TV in HD mode, the video resolution is high resolution vertical line which has 1080 pixels and is the horizontal line, it is also 1920 pixels.[1] the letter p from the beginning of the word progressive means progressive, is taken. The format extended type, the extension i is that nowadays, in some devices, a new video can be observed. In simple expression can be the biggest difference format 1080 with 1080 how to process the pixels and lines knew. Generally in the format 1080 all lines and Pixels are processed one at a time. So why images that are based on this format can be built free of any shake or Flicker will be and the quality of the image compared to the 1080 will be more favorable. Of course, the difference of quality in i , p in images, action, and fast, well is visible, and in the pictures, typical and quiet, almost Difference Together. Certainly, progressive to bandwidth, more is needed from the hardware that is used is more expensive. Of course, usually, in most of these devices the whole operation for interlacing is done, then in the final stage of a chip, a hardware operation, the Deinterlacing on the image do and image progressive to be formed.