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Acronym References

What is پ.ن ?


Name (with the symbol of the abbreviation C. N) wrote that after the statue, the original of a letter or text added to it. Name can be a sentence, or paragraph, or text-independent.

in grammar. name in formal letters, and , in the following signed and comes usually with a phrase message. N: and more with the font size smaller, can be shown. Difference name with a footnote in it that is used, etc. explanation for what is in the text listed. But the name, etc. text is additional that need to be included in the text of the original, it is.

the phrase P. S that in English, short (Postscript), and in the German language short (Postskriptum) is to name the ... the interest savings. For cases where more than one name is desired, of the phrase .PPS, or .PPPS can be used.