Acronym of FM

( Frequency Modulation ) FM some kind of radio broadcast.This stands for vocabulary (Frequency Modulation) means a modulation (compartment classification) frequency. These are signals that are by the station of radio are created and different regions are broadcast.

in FM the modulation frequency notes that in the waves of the air (radio)VHF all other the world (apart from Japan, at a frequency between 88 to 108 MHz can be used. Japan band 76 to 90 MHz. D FM more in the regions and developed countries in terms of Economic such as Europe and the United States, especially for the quality of the sound better for stereo in this format, the more usual case use.

FM radio by Edwin friend Armstrong in the 1930's in order to Order Special avoid the interference problem of the constant radio AM invented that in front of interference immunity. The time, the quality, the better the possibility of getting space at intervals of not more provide. Instead of 10 kHz, space, space, they are 200 kHz, etc. was the difference between the lowest frequency of the current FM in the United States. 88 the 1 and the lowest value, the next 88, the 3 MHz MHz. This case previously in audio equipment in the year 1940, there was, but the space sharing between the tubules, the more that to reduce the problem of systems available, AM was used.