Acronym of LAV

( Light Armored Vehicle ) LAV a system of air defense short-range is that in 1994, in factories, general and, of course, in collaboration with the company TECHNICAL PRODUCTS entered the stage design was. This system of air defense, a system group is a hybrid that is a combination of a 25 mm model GAU 12/U and missiles, infrared Stinger is formed . In 1999 the number of 17 sets of the delivery system, the United States Marine Corps was established, and in 2000, after the test, final and fix defects small. the number of 60 set other than this the system back to factory general ordered . The main role of this system, creating the air safety relative to armored vehicles, insider deal with the edition of Futuris, the enemy is a secondary role, it will also deal with the threats of enemy ground and deal with armored targets, the style of the enemy . Car carrier this system, decision, etc. Gazans wait LAV 25 build factories, General Motors of Canada . Turret air defence BLAZER build factories in general also on the people on the LAV 25 is installed . This vehicle is a vehicle 8x8 is the ability to move, and float being in the water to fully capable ( dual environment ) . Turret air defence BLAZER also has this weapons is : a pre- GAU 12/U build factories in general with Caliber 25x137 mm that a few days ago in detail to introduce it was, and there's it is also, in part, arms of air is available . Two pods, rocket, Stinger, also on the turret is installed . Each of these pods can Number 4 missiles stinger to carry and shoot . Combination effective this and missiles can be used as a threat effective and rapid response against targets flight the enemy, who at the height of the bottom of the fly to account comes . The turret BLAZER for all the electric controls and switches . This system has three crews, which include : Operator, control system, etc. the commander and the driver . Though in case of necessity, this system can go only by two people also, threw.