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Acronym References

What is SFX ?
Special Effects
Cinematic special effects (special effects) in the film industry to the visuals, it is said that at the time of making the film, making them very difficult or impossible. For example, the collapse of the building Congress or fragmentation of the Sphinx scenes that are making them in the real world is impossible. But to the help of animation, a computer can be a picture of them to form making that difference in the real world is not.

before computers is able to produce such images are also film makers, special effects, cinematic abundance's product. They have to build these effects from the model, plaster, replica, cardboard, etc., dolls and scale models have been used.Of course, the concept of special effects mean special effects with visual effects means visual effects wrong.Special effects, it is by stuntman to visual, computer . For example, a certain shape sky in it figure available, not from the visual effects used the desired shape, enter Sky imaging is. But special effects .Of course, safety tips ....
What is LED ?
Light Emitted Diode
Led some sort of lamp, solid state is that the technology of the diode luminescent uses and as a source of lighting goes to work. This bulb is initially more as a light red color within the electronic device application. due to the low power consumption compared to other bulbs. life is very high and new tech, making the other colors have their place in the lighting industry around the world.

LED is an acronym for Diode Light Emitted, which means the diode emits a light. Light emitting diodes actually component family diodes, which are diodes is also a sub-group semiconductor, poses come. Nevertheless, LED from other semi-conductors distinguishes this is that with the passing stream of them some energy for the light offense gets emitted. Experts believe that the greenhouse gases that the most important factor in the production of them. ordinary bulbs or the incandescent bulbs is causing this dilemma....
What is Wifi ?
Wireless Fidelity
WiFi (Wi-Fi), etc. the abbreviation of the phrase Wireless Fidelity(means wireless fidelity) is and under which communication with the power more than your Bluetooth will be created. Connection Wi-Fi, more on basic communication network, the internet, wirelessly, stresses and the same would cause immense popularity, it has been using this technology to easily travel, plane, or hotel can be done via the Laptop connected to the internet. Wi-Fi is the same as the standard IEEE802. the 11 is in the model, 802 the 11g and 802. the 11b is used and the standard of its original IEEE802٫11b. In this model, the maximum data transfer rate 11Mbps and radio frequency 2/4 GHz uses. To speed up the standard model, another is also called 802 the 11n created when the transfer speed at least up to 200Mbps increases. Increase the speed in 802 the 11n, due to the use of the system, a few (MIMO), the use of two frequency range 2. the 4 and 5 GHz, and some specific techniques in the access environment (Medium Access-MAC)....
What is GPS ?
Global Positioning System
GPS, Global Positioning System System of 24 satellites that the Earth bypasses and per ORBIT 4 satellites are located and by the Department of Defense, the United States supported. Rockets small also of their satellites in the correct path. This satellite (NAVSTAR) is also called. To identify the geographical location they are between 10 to 100 meters makes possible. This satellite, from simple arithmetic calculations to broadcast information, they use that as the length, width and height, geographic, etc. by the recipient, the Earth, have been translated. GPS in all conditions for 24 hours in a day, and in all the world. and any price for this service not getting. Satellite, GPS, etc. every day, two times in a circuit, the exact round the Earth will be restored and the signal containing the information to Earth, sending.

due to the extreme descent price for a receiver of this system and increased their facilities, the technology in the near future more and more at the disposal of everyone will be placed....