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What is PAM ?

Plasma Arc Machining

Plasma arc machining (PAM) is a process used in compressed air as a plasma gas. When the air is subjected to high arc temperatures, it decomposes into its constituent gases due to the fact that the oxygen in the resulting plasma is very active, the cutting speed increases to about 2 25. A drawback of this method is that usually a level of highly oxidized, etc. Especially with stainless steel comes also forecast should have no impurities, with push fit be maintained for the work of the compressor used in this procedure to replace the tungsten electrodes copper used zeja tungsten or oxygen react life no attention to the materials used in the short is to increase the life of the electrode from the flow to the bottom of the oxygen de piercings Nazli, who nitrogen as the gas shear, the main among which passes have been used with the use of mixed gas of 80% nitrogen and 20% Oxygen-speed steel cutting software to 25 % of the lot.< < > only electrically conductive materials such as stainless steel nickel cream luminium and luminium can be machined by air plasma method. Machining with air plasma to cut a plate of steel to a thickness of 6.25 is half the cost of gas and injection methods because in this method, air is used as a carrier of plasma and protective gas. Industrial machines have automatic arc starting equipment, which ensures high and reliable initial shear speed. This shear velocity is three to five times higher than the conventional gas biting velocity.