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Acronym References

What is STARlink ?

Satellite Telemetry and Return Link

Starlink (Sta) is a Satellite System formed by SpaceX to provide satellite internet. The constellation consists of thousands of small satellites in low Earth orbit, working in combination with terrestrial transmitters and receivers.SpaceX plans to sell some satellites for military scientific or exploratory purposes. The SpaceX satellite development center in Redmond, Washington hosts research development to build and control the circulation of Starlink satellites. The cost of the decade-long design project the construction and deployment of the constellation by SpaceX was at least 10 billion in May 2018. product development by the manufacturer in 2015. In the first step two prototype satellites for test flight were launched in February 2018. Later, more satellites were added over time, and 60 operational satellites were deployed in orbit in May 2019.as of September 2020, SpaceX will send up to 60 satellites per launch at the same time, with the aim of deploying 1,584 260 kg satellites for nearly universal service by the end of 2021 or 2022. SpaceX opened a private beta service in the northern United States in August 2020 and a public beta in October 2020 at high latitudes between 44 and 52 degrees north of the yen.

on October 15, 2019 Federal Communications Commission of the United States, records are from the Space X to the International Telecommunication Union sent the spectral for 30٬000 satellite, extra, supplement 12, the 000 satellite previously by the Federal Communications Commission confirmed this. provides.astronomers have expressed concern about the impact of constellations on terrestrial astronomical observations and how to add satellites to a pre-dense orbit. This satellite system also led to a speech about ethical compliance by a company that unilaterally changes the appearance of the night.