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Acronym References

What is JSR ?

Java Specification Request

Standard (Portlet Specification JSR-168 (JSR interface programming (API) standard for creating portlets and put them next to each other in the form of a portal, provides, and determines which portlets should be in what format. Standard JSR-168 with the definition of infrastructure and a Portlet API for public facilities to view, private storage, security, preparation. This standard makes up a program that for a portlet for a portal can be built with the lowest change, and simply within the portal, the other is also applicable. The standard how to develop Component for Portal Server standard. This standard to support industrial size range of the company, the Portal Server, create and be supported. By collecting and integrating of distributed resources, along with built-in, SSO, etc. detecting identity based on the role and support of personal ... the portal can use various resources distributed simply and effectively to provide and cause the raising of productivity software, current. JSR-168 by using the service, JCP) JCP is an organization Open and international, that create standards, Java, and implement, reference do. For more information http://jcp.org visit.) Is created.