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Acronym References

What is GNI ?

Gross National Income

Gross national income (acronyms GNI), a variable flow has been and is of the value of the unsubsidized annual All final goods and services produced to the prices of the current (market) in the national economy.

The Value Added produced by the factors and the different parts of the economy of a nation, for a period of time (e.g., annual), etc. represent the gross national product of that country (nation) is. In fact, gross national product, etc. the value of total manufactured goods and services, the ultimate, which is an economic system around the world, and in a year given it is produced to express it.

for example, in the year 72 in Iran, income production in the Department of Agriculture, 1/19446 billion in oil group 0/6495 in the Department of industries and mines (including mine, industry, electricity, water, gas and building) 9/17389 and group services (including business services, restaurant, hotel, housekeeping, transportation, warehousing and communication services, financial institutions and monetary services, real estate and professional services and specialized services, public services, social, personal and household) 0/41146 billion rial has been. All figures are absolute. gross national product of the country in the year 1372, which is equivalent to 6/91124 billion rial has been, etc. can be calculated.