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Acronym References

What is URN ?

Uniform Resource Names

URN (' uniform-source) ID OF ى for sources of news transmission.
This initiative from the year 1966 with the formation of groups who started and all it boasts the way of the heart). Thus, from October 1999, this group all of the tasks completed. eight standard it boasts published, and in preparing the 3 items remained. hence, the expected as well as standards URN to be perfect.
URN) coating is that they adapt to all the system of the existing Journal, including DOI, etc.. Each URN from the 3 episodes has been formed, which include: letters, ى URN, etc. Id Name ( Name Space Identifier, - NID), and row of the specific name (NSS) (as in standards it boasts Rfe2141 description is given).
NSS ID O like the ISBN. NID unique name registered for the system, which compromise privacy, such as WHO to death. Registered global NID via the internet by source, assign a number in the internet (IANA) and be deprived of that in the standard it boasts Rfe2611 described, etc. prohibited.
with standard it boasts Rfe2288 be received that ISBN is precisely compatible with the URN. From the viewpoint of " if the NID based on the ISBN. URN must be a part of the ISBN, making. URNى that of the ISBN are made, this figure will be.(URN:ISBN:(isbn string
so, the ISBN of an existing can apply to The Shape of the URN yesterday. By adding URN:ISBN against the ISBN available, the action trees of people have become ISBN as URN do not have to worry. The exception is the first that ISBN should be consumers, the ISBN and the members of the service URL, notified).
URN services, it boasts adjustable, created to supply him the possibility of ى your source or describe its source, immoral or ى from the base that it boasts (URL), it shows that it is a source of it is available.
look at the users internet work with URN is very comfortable. Instead of that I meant (URL) in the browser (Browser) type pressure cooker can take only the number who will use it. The system according to the standard it boasts the http and DNS.
ISBN the point of beginning of period for the coming into being of Service URN. Considering that (ISSN) for having , etc. requires a database account from the Quran. there are books of biography National for the efficiency of the ISBN is enough. Usually, with ISBN, more convenient. for example, all ISBN finding that with the 951 or 952 start, which are owned by Finland. If the service of people like URN there. can apply through the system, the Domain Name specified.
for example, " to him that 3 The Beginning, which are, or belong to Germany. or Switzerland.
the use of URN is free and great to pay the amount to the IETF or IANA. in fact, they create fixed service URN free. and no ى political about that what this service, what is the situation the supply of'. does not exist. In addition, the library of the national questionnaire the system, who has ended successfully.
there are database of the account books of biography on the National for future Services Fixed who God is.