Acronym of OT

( Old Trafford ) Reuters (OT) is one of the most famous and largest stadium of football in the UK and the world . In the situation, and that many of the clubs from the stadium, to the location of the new moved. Manchester Reuters maintains, and instead of going to the other place, the same stadium, will develop .

the position of the spectators in the stadium, which in the northern part of located. the ceiling, column and across Europe it . In addition, position vacancies, beauty, because, Museum, United, etc. the restaurant denied adequate rooms, special cup, and part administrative this part is located and shaped very good to have. The southern part of the stadium is also very developed and your eyes became a stare. In the eastern part of the store is very large and located in the western part of which has also more to is popular in recent years changes wide range of data and rows are added that it . Including the works in this section can be seen. Without hesitation, the statue of Dennis La myth team Manchester United that imposing specific to the stadium. Bobby Charlton the myth of the England football the stadium the "theatre of dreams" as it is called .