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Acronym References

What is CFC ?
Chelsea Football Club
Chelsea Football Club (English: .Chelsea F. C) is a English football club in west London that in 1905 he founded. This club in the Premier League, the game does has always been in the top echelons of world football. Chelsea, four-time champion Premier League and also has six Championship Cup, football, England, four championship in the League Cup, soccer England in their repertoire. The team in the tournament, also has managed a championship in the Super European Cup and two championships in the Cup in the European Cup won.

Chelsea ... that the title in 1955 and in the league the first category, UK, acquired. This cup is also in the 1960s and 1970s, and acquired, but until 1997 could Cup another important to gain. Decades, elementary, Twenty-First Century the brightest and most successful period of the history of the club, Chelsea, to the intermediary championship in the Premier League, the island in the years 2005 and 2006 and 2010 and reaching the final of the Champions League in 2008. A major part of the honours by Jose Mourinho earn....
What is WWE ?
World Wrestling Entertainment
W. W., A owing media, which is a major activity of it in the context of the holding, and broadcast the matches of professional wrestling....
What is UEFA ?
Union of European Football Associations
The Union of European football that briefly UEFA called, responsible for planning and holding a football tournament in the continent of Europe. This union a number of countries, which are sometimes geographically in the continent of Asia included, such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Israel and Cyprus in its place....
What is AFC ?
Asian Football Confederation
Asian Football Confederation with the name of the abbreviation o f the thirty-nation football in Asia. O f the thirty in 1954 (ad) in Manila., the Philippines as one of the 6 Confederation of continental FIFA was founded and has its headquarters in Bukit Jalil, etc., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

off CD now 46 country members. Countries, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Armenia and Israel however, part or all of it in Asia has a place, but a member of this confederation has been the membership of UEFA. Against Australia from the year 2006 to a membership o f thirty accordingly.

the current head of the organization Mohammed Bin Hammam of Qatar....
What is FIFA ?
Federation Internationale de Football Association
The international football federation, known as FIFA nation issues, football in the world. The location of the establishment of this federation, in Zurich, Switzerland. Switzerland is the head of it now, Sepp Blatter, Swiss.FIFA is responsible for organizing and monitoring the majority of the tournament, international football, the football World Cup is from the 1930\'s to be held. FIFA restraint 208 that 16 more members of the United Nations and 3 more members of the International Olympic Committee, but with the number of its members in comparison with the International Federation for athletes 5 members less....
What is NBA ?
National Basketball Association
The National Basketball Association or the NBA (NBA), the league of professional basketball, the U.S. and the most prestigious basketball league in the world.

this league in two conferences, East and West held. The league is now with the Company 29 teams from the US and a team from Canada held.

the tournament " each year to the course, and went in North America, will be held....