Acronym of JA

( Jasmonic Acid ) Acid a member of the category plant hormones. This acid, bio from linoleic acid by the method of octadecanoid first, in the chloroplasts, and then continue in full Oxy can be built.

the biggest tasks acid in setting up the plant growth, which includes inhibition of growth, aging, and loss of plant leaves. This acid also triggers the coming of the buds in potatoes, apples, yams and onions play a role. This acid plays an important role in a corrosion in plants and also resistance, and systematic they are. When the plants by insects, attacked. the plant with the free acid reaction show, that the action of the digestion of protein by insect exclusion to the act.

acid also to derivatives of a variety of turns, such as esters, such as methyl jasmonate and possible with amino acids are also used in combination.