Acronym of IGO

( Iranian Geometry Olympiad ) Geometry as one of the main branches of mathematics. historical background of the ancient is. Solve geometric problems as challenge, creativity, provoking has always been among the mathematicians and lovers of Mathematics from high popularity is. In Iran, as well as great scientists, such as aboureihan, and plays an important role in the development and expansion of the boundaries of the geometry in the age of their have. This historical background has led to today's geometry teaching in Iran of particular importance is the acquisition of the results of the brilliant students of our country in international competitions like the Olympiad, global mathematics certification on this claim. In the year 1393 collective of teachers and enthusiasts in this field with the aim of promoting public geometry at the level of the country and create a suitable platform for communication between enthusiasts around the world, launched "Olympiad geometry Iran," said. This event all in the second half of September in Iran and many countries of the world are held. That in the sixth period ( September 1398 ), the Olympiad, in about 60 countries in the world, was held.