Acronym of SNAP

( Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power ) Batteries the atomic to the energy systems of the auxiliary core (SNAP), particularly for spacecraft lander that so much of the sun, far away are no longer be of the solar panels used have been used. For example, with Pioneer-10, Pioneer-11, Voyager-1, Voyager-2, Galileo, Ulysses, mature, Cassini, and New . In addition to. solar battery for energy supply, two landing, the Viking (two probes that were sent to Mars) were used and also to test a scientific autobiography, Apollo 12 to Apollo 17 (SNAP 27) on the moon were laid (with the power of 70 watts). This battery has Were information about the quake, the moon and the asteroid impact, magnetic fields, and gravitational months, the temperature of the inner moon and the atmosphere months, a few years after the mission to land the post. After 10 years, a SNAP-27 still more than 90% of the be (70 watts) can produce. Battery atomic also for the satellite, the Nimbus, Transit and LES were used.