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Acronym References

What is RPG ?
Rocket Propelled Grenade
A to any weapons, Semi-heavy grenade launchers said to be portable by hand and has been from the shoulder to shoot.

A (РПГ) stands for the word (Russian: ручной противотанковый гранатомёт) to the meaning of "grenade launchers manual".

from A in addition, the tank can be against the , equipment of war, non-armored, and also for the destruction of buildings and concrete, and even helicopters, fixed used....
What is LZW ?
Lempel Ziv Welch
LZW by , etc. Jacob Welch and Terry Zeev been devised. This algorithm is a compression algorithm, which in 1984 has been released. The algorithm of the speed of a fairly large enjoys, but the analysis of little data can do.

method of data compression that often in the documents is used in a method based on dictionary based that on the basis of a dictionary, and encoder works. This dictionary with 4k array, encoder and is common, and both it to-day. S, 0 to 255 of the codes, the ski is composed, but the rest of the contextual data over time will be completed. The algorithm is very fast and . This by, its author, called Lempel–Zois–Welch proposed....
What is PCS ?
Polar Coordinate System
Device polar coordinates, a coordinate system two-dimensional in which the location of each point, its distance to the center of coordinates (r) and the angle between the line drawn from the center to that point and the axis length, (θ) is determined. This device in three dimensions to the coordinate system and cylindrical coordinate system, spherical turns.

the first use, similar to that to create a current, this device has been lost by aboureihan was done....
What is PCP ?
Pre-Charged Pneumatic Airgun
Somehow the gun is to shoot bullets from the air pressure generated by a piston that seep trigger is bouncy, strong prefrontal rounds can be or the pressure of the air in the capsule air use. The oldest form of pneumatic gun available related to the year 1580, which is in the museum in Stockholm maintenance....
What is TCL ?
Tool Control Language
Language Tcl (language control) derived research John Ousterhout on the tools, computer design electrical circuits at the University of Berkeley. In this research, Ousterhout, and Madrid were forced for each of these tools is a control language, a separate design. but, because more attention to their tools (not the language), the tools generally, the languages of control weak. In the autumn of 1987, in the laboratory, company, DEC, this idea came to mind Ousterhout came when a language decree significant embedded (Emdeddable Command Language) design. A language (Interpreted) well, that could be as a library package in diverse applications used. The goal was that the language interpreter, a set of basic facilities (such as variables and control structures) provide each of the tools using it can features about your comment to add it. Ousterhout in 1988, after returning from the lab DEC, work on Tcl began, and the first version of it in a text processor (Text Editor) graphics to work. At first this work only the aspect of the research was and Ousterhout suspect did not follow the others to allow it interested....
What is ITBS ?
Iowa Test of Basic Skills
ITBS set the exam standard is Annual To American students, are given. This quiz from the students in preschool to eighth grade. Of students in the ninth grade quiz, iPhone, or CD can be taken.

AT & T, SMS by the University of Iowa, designed and is one of the is that in America, recognized for students to education better provided.

t BAC SMS, includes English, maths, education, social, geography and science.

this exam at most schools, government and non-governmental organizations the state of Iowa can be taken, and in other parts of the U.S. it used to be....
What is SCORM ?
Sharable Content Object Reference Model
SCORM is a standard, comprehensive training that encompasses a reference model for the elements of the training share. a run-time environment (Runtime environment) and is also a model of condensing the content of the training. This model, encompasses the set of features is the versatility, availability, and reusability for content, web-based education provides. This standard, research institutions, AICC, etc., IMS., the IEEE, and Ariadne had been the standard e-learning approved by the majority of references, e-learning, the other in Iran and the world....
What is KG ?
Kilo Gram
A kilogram equal to the mass of a rod, Standard, made of alloy, platinum-iridium, which inside a set awning a nesting that it from pollution and inappropriate use maintains and in the Bureau of international weights and measure in Sur, etc. outside of Paris. maintained.After a while, the scientists saw that the mass of this rod is reduced! For this reason, scientists are making butter from crystals that are bigger than, quite specifically, a kg....