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Acronym References

What is JPL ?
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Laboratory the propulsion jets (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) called a photoluminescent (JPL) is a scientific laboratory and NASA technology.

this lab is responsible for the launch and Mission Control, is to haul very far, from such a distance that the outside of the system, solar, etc. are tossed.

laboratory propulsion jet (JPL) in Pasadena, California. and the University of Caltech....
What is LPG ?
Liquified Petroleum Gas
Fuel gas is under pressure or at low temperature to become liquid and in the tank, keeping domestic).The price of it compared to gasoline is cheap and the pollution is much less created here and ك is high....
What is NM ?
Newton Metre
The secondly, the necessary for 1 m, moving the one object with the unit of Newton meter, expression. 1 Newton 100 grams....
What is SNAP ?
Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power
Batteries the atomic to the energy systems of the auxiliary core (SNAP), particularly for spacecraft lander that so much of the sun, far away are no longer be of the solar panels used have been used. For example, with Pioneer-10, Pioneer-11, Voyager-1, Voyager-2, Galileo, Ulysses, mature, Cassini, and New . In addition to. solar battery for energy supply, two landing, the Viking (two probes that were sent to Mars) were used and also to test a scientific autobiography, Apollo 12 to Apollo 17 (SNAP 27) on the moon were laid (with the power of 70 watts). This battery has Were information about the quake, the moon and the asteroid impact, magnetic fields, and gravitational months, the temperature of the inner moon and the atmosphere months, a few years after the mission to land the post. After 10 years, a SNAP-27 still more than 90% of the be (70 watts) can produce. Battery atomic also for the satellite, the Nimbus, Transit and LES were used....
What is RTG ?
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
Productive, heat-electric, isotopic (RTG) such battery the atomic is that the heat obtained from the nuclear decay to electricity conversion that does not refer to it, RTG and RITEG is said to be....
What is MSL ?
Mars Science Laboratory
Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) project name the new NASA to Mars. In this project, Automotive to name (Curiosity) that to the English, to be curious, in late 2011 by rocket 5 launch in the summer of 2012, Mars reaches. This vehicle, complete the vehicle is sent to Mars, and to examine life, microbial in the past or maybe now pays. The probe laser at the top of your head that can aim the cue and making it evaporate. And to review the elements of the resulting evaporation apparatus. Also, a lab is very equipped within the body itself. was in the year 2009 to be thrown, but due to the lack of readiness of the 2-year delay.

This vehicle 5 times, spirit and opportunity, the weight and 10 times more scientific equipment. And is at least a year, Martian viable and to explore the range more of the cars previous pay.

Mars Science Laboratory is part of the exploration of Mars for NASA, a long quest for exploration, robotic Mars is a project by JPL from Institute of Technology, California management. The total cost of Mars Science Laboratory 2. the 3 billion dollars -- estimable....
What is DC ?
Direct Current
The easiest electricity generating direct battery or cell is a chemical that the chemical energy stored in certain materials, for a difference of electrical potential between the two poles of the battery. As a cell is very simple Can a sheet of copper and a sheet of sex on within a potato in your sink, and in this case, between the two sheets of the difference potential can see. The most common type of battery for commercial purpose. the battery, or dry cell is on a pole that element and the other pole carbon for graphite is Article the role of the interface in that game....
What is DCE ?
Data Communications Equipment
DCE stands for Data Communications Equipment. This phrase, to show the pin device and the direction of the communication signal on the pin. Usually devices DCE. In the standard DCE a 9-pin connector Male (or 25 pin)....