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Acronym References

What is CNG ?
Compressed Natural Gas
Natural gas is dense. Fuel suitable alternative of gasoline and diesel that is compatible with the environment as well....
What is WP ?
White Phosphorus
Pseudo-metal that readily with oxygen, the composition can be applied, like wax, has and color it yellow and in the heat of the typical slow burns, this substance, the white smoke thick production and cause a fire, fearsome. Of white phosphorus in the making of Cannon and a grenade that used to be the name of the bombs, phosphorous, are known....
What is CBU ?
Cluster Bomb Unit
Cluster bomb, a bomb that is the plane shipped and includes the bomb, small (Bomb sub) is that over a vast area....
What is UAV ?
Unmaned Aerial Vehicle
Vehicles flight unmanned have laid that can in the arena is very wide-from the sky to do things, and different missions available. Among the hundreds of examples of this aircraft or birds has been supplied can be a variety of spy plane, etc., military, etc. research or exploration refers. It is interesting to know that in the United States Air Force, the number of that will be able to guide these planes are and were trained. over the set are that for a variety of fighter and bomber have been trained....
What is SCF ?
Swiss Cheese Features
Rats, corrosion, Mars (SCF) is a name for a threaded hole, The Catcher in the ice of the south pole of the planet Mars, (Mars), located in south of the planet.

diameter of the holes is usually more than a few hundred kilometers. The palm of it, flat and smooth, and its walls are sloping, steep. The holes are hollow, and inside it, in about 8 km.

The Shape of it, usually also shape and is the shape, and the tip of The to the South Pole refers, and this suggests that in the formation of the impact....
What is CC ?
Cubic Centimetre
CM cubic. (Engine size with this unit the expression is)....
What is DSN ?
Deep Space Network
Network deep space, NASA, (,,) (DSN: NASA) grid antenna that can be that of the mission, spacecraft, and space radio and radars which to explore the solar system, the help. support. This network of specific missions in the orbit of the Earth is also supported. Di MSN now, the center of deep connection that space with 120 degrees interval from each other on the ground. is formed. One center Gladstone in the Mojave Desert in California, another near Madrid, and the third near Canberra, Australia. This placement to communicate without interruption, the Earth, the spacecraft has helped, and has caused that, MSN is the largest and most accurate center of communication in the world. These centers are all under the supervision of laboratory propulsion jet activity....
What is GT ?
Gran Turismo
A dictionary Italian to the meaning of Grand Tour.In principle, the term for sedan with the sports used used....