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Acronym References

What is CVD ?
Chemical Vapor Deposition
Accumulation to, evaporation or chemical deposition, chemical phase vapor (CVD) is one of the chemical procedures that produce layers of very pure in technology, half the media was Goes to work.

frequently, the accumulation of the layer of similar substance (such as Silicon on )done. This accumulation is possible through several types of chemical reaction done: where the average high for the material used. Photocatalysis, in which light, ultraviolet, or near infrared for the composition of the gas used....
What is OFDM ?
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFDM (the modulation frequency dividers perpendicular), in fact, a modulation band of the base. OFDM, the modulation, as the name suggests, Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing operations, the Maltese with the use of frequency dividers, of course, for Orthogonal runs.

the concept of Orthogonal in frequency dividers to the orthogonality(orthogonal) signals, which refers to a definition of math can be in which whenever two function sine in the beat. the Integral of this product on any period in time equal to zero would be. In terms of this sort of modulation in the military industry used to which Multi-tone", i.e., a range the frequency to the multiple frequency carriers, or to be more scientific (Sub Carrier) split; and on each of these sub-carrier are part of information sent.

the advantage of this technique is the one sending the data in parallel was no longer overcome the fading, shrinkage, the frequency of R (Frequency Selective Fading), because this is any part of the data on the interval a small fraction of the frequency band shipped that this type of fading, shrinkage, on this interval, small, practically linear, appear and repairable, and ultimately extract the signal....
What is SSP ?
Solid State Physics
SSP solid state one of the most extensive branches of physics. This branch about how to form the material, taking into account all details governing the arrangement of atoms is discussed. The physical properties of any physical object (metal or non-metal), etc. discussed in this branch....
What is MASER ?
Micro wave Amplified Stimulated Emission of Radiation
This phenomenon is one of the fountain of the light that produced it to the temperature of the object depends on does not have system to like the laser. in the region, is pressed in between (usually of there of have been), occurs....
What is GEM ?
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
Viewer Global Entrepreneurship, A consortium of academic composite group of scientific – research is that its main purpose is to assess and provide data, research, valid at the international level concerning the activities of the entrepreneurial. Quantitative and qualitative data obtained in the report, the global GEM, a valuable source of information for decision-makers and decision-makers of member countries....
What is SDP ?
Software Development Process
The software production process
the software production process as "the cycle of life of software production," also known as. structural is the development and production of software products apply. Terms similar because the "software lifecycle" and "process software" in this relationship can be used. Models a variety of peer processes(specific) exist, each of which policy-specific(IT, processes) to perform the tasks and activities varied in the length of processes specified. Some title that the "plot(model) life cycle" of a phrase is very generic, and "the software production process" so words, dedicated more. For example, much of the processes of the production of special software that are your own, set the life cycle of the cochlea to the process....
What is DWT ?
Discrete Wavelet Transform
Wavelet Transform discrete
in the functional analysis., the Wavelet Transform, discrete transform W-Ann that functions wavelet which samples have been. The easiest and the first function, wavelet, discrete, etc. wavelet Haar is by Alfred haar., the mathematician, ducts, etc. was introduced....
What is OCB ?
Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
The concept of "organizational citizenship behavior" ( OCB ), first by the "organ of hope" in the year ( 1983 ) was introduced. This sense, includes those behaviors that, while no mandatory of the UN to do they are not there, but in the shade, do they have the staff to be quite optional, to benefit the many for the organization. In general, "organizational citizenship behavior" means the behavior is absolutely voluntary and optional that the component requirements of the job, official, employee, ... but with the effective performance of the organization will increase and the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization can help. Pundits dimensions different to "organizational citizenship behavior" have considered....