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Acronym References

What is IELTS ?

International English Language Testing System

IELTS (International System of evaluation in English) is now one of the most respected tests of English language that across the world held.

The Score of this test from 0 to 9 levels to be included that an acceptable score for the test, there is not, but typically, the Level 5 average score 6 to top the Good be deemed. The University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and Harvard University IELTS Level 7 will accept.

IELTS actually test the British have been of this opinion in front of the TOEFL-test of the American placed. This test by the University of Cambridge, England, the British Council and the Center for IELTS Australia to be held.

test of a 4-part , reading, writing, and conversation, is formed. The whole test has two species, academic and public, which any academic problem been more and the same test is for admission to the University are required.

IELTS or International English Language Testing System, an English language test is the international credit important. This test criterion is to assess the knowledge of English people who want English speaking countries to attend to. work or to those countries immigrate. IELTS exam in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, the Consulate of England, and the organization of IDP, Australia to be held. This exam is of the highest and most respected international standards to measure the level of English of volunteers follows and four ability Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking will be assessed. Many universities in countries different, such as Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and the USA IELTS exam to recognize. Also, the direction of migration to the countries of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. having degree, IELTS is mandatory. This test, in more than 270 center pilot located in 110 countries of the world will be held. Participants in the IELTS exam to a range of questions, the very simple to the very difficult respond. The score of each section of the exam, zero to 9. The overall score of the exam with a GPA of score four parts of the exam can be calculated. In the workbook, IELTS, etc. in addition to the overall score, etc. score each section separately listed.

each university for admission, applicants the minimum score, does not specify, and most of them are at least an overall score of 6. the 5 Your want with each Score is from 6 less not (of course, this general rule is each university's conditions on its own). As another example, for that maximum points in English for immigration to Canada, business ... should be in every four-part test IELTS minimum score of 7.

in the day of the exam, initially, to questions, Listening, then to questions, Reading, and day to questions, Writing responses want. The date and time of the holding part, Speaking on the day of the exam participants will be announced and usually try Speaking of age, the day of the exam started and for 5 days continues. Candidates who come from other cities to Tehran to come, to try Speaking in the priorities are and should be when you register, your name in a list separate to registration and beyond. The entire process, the Written Exam must be in pencil to be written and volunteers allow the use of fountain pen or automatic in any stage of the Written Exam.

the results of the IELTS test two weeks after the end of the test of Speaking will be announced, and report only to the person, try developer are given via phone, fax or email is found. Also, from the date of the exam up to 90 days the right to engage the re-exam do not have.

up to 5 CV for universities and institutions about your request is free by the offices of the organizer of the quiz post. LOOK for the Tar ice quiz you a month in the future. If more than one month from the date of elapsed or more than 5 records want to send you hope. per repertoire must amount to pay. Most universities, workbook IELTS that more than two years from the date it past. do not agree.

IELTS has two types, Academic and General Training will be held. Try Academic is for those who want to be in an English-language university continue to while exam General Training is for those who want to an English-speaking country such as Canada, Australia, or New Zealand immigration.

As was said, in the IELTS test, etc. capabilities Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking in four separate vertically. While parts of the Listening and Speaking for candidates Academic and General Training Method is quite the same evaluate. each of these two groups of questions separately in the parts of the Reading and Writing they receive. Responsibility to type test that you want to participate in it on the responsibility of yours and should be at registration, the type of test desired on the registration form the shackles.