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Acronym References

What is BPA ?

BisPhenol A

Bisphenol O (Bisphenol A) a chemical composition with ID pub low-6623 is. Appearance of this composition, solid white.

This chemical in making of plastic bottles, polycarbonate to hold drinks and milk children used, etc. is used. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health found the amount of the chemical BPA in the urine of volunteers who, for a week of action to drink liquids from bottles, polycarbonate can people. to the extent of two-thirds rose. This is the first time that a research shows, the consumption of the drink from the bottle, the polycarbonate, the amount of BPA in the urine increases and the bottles are made from BPA, this chemical substance in fluid, including their free work. The scientists found that drinking cold liquids from bottles, polycarbonate, it is also just for a week, the amount of BPA to the extent of two-thirds increase. The researchers say if these bottles are heated (as in the case of milk bottles, and children this happens), expect this provision to significantly increase. “Karin B. ”, Assistant Professor, all Harvard School of Public Health, says: this theme can be disturbing is because children, especially against the ability of this chemical in creating disorder in the Endocrine, etc. damage . Scientists Medical Center, University of Rochester and Columbia University, according to the data obtained from the National Health and survey, and evaluation of nutritional that on a large population of the American people was done, declared the matter "bisphenol A", etc., a substance that mediates the consumption of food in plastic containers enters the body, over what is thought to be remains in the body. Since the thought was that this article that the main source of exposure to it through food and drink is rapidly and completely excreted from the body. In this review, scientists learned may be bisphenol (including resources of non-edible, too, enter the body and in tissues and body fat accumulation find. Bisphenol A ( BPA ) where it came from? Bisphenol (including that with the name of the abbreviation, BPA is also known to be the combination is organic and contains two groups of polyphenols is. This substance is included in the structure of several polymer and the additive polymer is important. Bisphenol that with the production of an annual 2-3 million tons important in the production of polycarbonate( PC ) is, for the first time in 1891, became known. It's a matter of condensing the acetone comes, and this reaction is acid catalyzed and can be. More than 50 years that products containing bisphenol or made it to market, Way have found. Now uses it myriad. In the synthesis of polyesters, etc., Poly and Poly ether of the material used and key in the production of plastic polycarbonate( PC) resins, epoxy is. Polycarbonate plastic(PC) in the construction of many conventional products like plastic bottles of milk for children and water sports equipment, instruments, medical and dental, etc. and filler, teeth, lenses, optical, and electrical appliances household used.