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Acronym References

What is PBS ?

Phosphate Buffered Saline

Soluble salt of phosphate with a buffer (PBS), a buffer solution is usually in the bio research is used. PBS a soluble salt with a blue base that consists of sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, and in some formulas, potassium chloride and potassium phosphate. Buffers (phosphate groups, help to stay steady pH. Burden was ـ and concentration of ionic solution of PBS, approximately of all terms should be conditions on the human body the same (same size and with the liquid biological body)

PBS due to both the concentration and the type of being with the material, biological body and is also non-toxic being those cells for many applications. From use cases it can be used to its application to dilute the material and wash the dishes, the culture medium noted. Of PBS plus EDTA also to separate the connection and the mass of cells used. Metal double capacity like the on the can not to the solution are connected, but cause the sinking, it will be the same because of the use of the appropriate buffer recommended.

The easiest way for the preparation of a solution of PBS tablets PBS buffer. The formula of these tablets is such that one solution, ready for use during the dissolution of tablets in a certain amount of distilled water produced. This tablet for the size of the standard 100, the 200, the 500, the 1000 ml available.

if in ـ ـ about ـ the concreting. can be dissolved into two ـ ـ ـ and by autoclave (20 xHamster 121 degrees Celsius, etc. cycle, liquid) antiseptic. According to the type of use that from PBS. sterilization can be essential.

PBS can be stored at room temperature , but keep in a cold place preventing the growth of bacteria ensures even if disinfectants not for long be maintained. However, concentrated solution of the initial (solution question) might, when cool. Lees be for this reason, PBS must be used before and as long as settling of completely to unfold in the room temperature maintenance.