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Acronym References

What is CRM ?

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management to all processes, and technology that it can be said that the companies and organizations to identify, encourage, development, maintenance of and providing service to clients, goes to work.

organizations using CRM can make the sales cycle, the shorter and customer loyalty to build closer relations and income increase. Management system customer relationships can help existing customers maintained and new customers are attracted. Organizations some ways to include Customer Relationship Management, Analysis, Customer Value, strategies, and organizational mechanisms for the services, Performance, Communications, Customer improved offers used brand. Customer Relationship Management is a strategy to earn new customers and keep them. Customer relationship management operational includes all activities related to customers, intermediaries, such as companies.

any activity, relationship management with the customer operating in one of three organizational process, implementation has been: Sales, Marketing and services. While these process are directly related to the customer. Customer relationship management-analytical(Analytical CRM) all components for which analysis of the relationships and attributes of the client that based on the implementation of activities, management of relations with the customer operational with an emphasis on the need of the customers and there is supply. Before the organization can or marketing strategy, managing customer relationships develop, they must know how customers to buy, decide. This decision-making process the buying cycle the customer (CBC) is called.

CRM from the three main sections is composed of: customer, relationship and management. The order of relationships, etc. make the customers quite advantageous, through communication, learners can be and management is the creativity and the guidance of a business process customer-centric and put the customer at the center of processes and experiences of the organization.