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Acronym References

What is PLCC ?

Power Line Carrier Communication

PLCC, mostly for telecom, remote protection, remote control and remote post, electricity by power lines high voltage, such as 110, etc., 220 and 400 volts can be used. In the system, PLCC, communication established across the power lines. Audio frequency can be shipped by the carrier frequency and the suffering of carrier frequency between 24 to 500 kHz can be (in many cases, this suffering of 30 to 500 Hz expressed). Frequently, in this system, amplitude (AM) can be used. Suffering, the carrier frequency of the assigned, including audio signal, etc., protective and frequency guide. The frequency of the guidance signal is within the suffering voice that steadily sent for revealing the error. The audio signal converted and compacted the range of 300 to 4000 Hz and the audio frequency mixed with a carrier frequency. The carrier frequency of the re filter. amplified and transmitted. Communication frequencies HF in suffering (0 ~ 32dB) would be. This suffering is set according to the distance between the posts. PLCC can be used to connect to any split Private other(PBX) . To example, the electrical panels in India, the internal network PLCC between PBX. Content

• 1 trap line LT • 2 capacitance coupling CC

• 3 single matching line, LMU,

trap line Line trap which traps the wave ... means that for the series to the transmission line power is connected and also the exclusion of the passing waves, the frequency of the carrier (24 to 500 kHz) to the waves of the frequency of the power grid(50 or 60 Hz) Allow to pass. This device is in fact a predecessor in suffering, Mili, Henri.

capacitors coupling Coupling capacitor for providing low impedance path for the Energy Transfer to lines high pressure and circuit frequency of the power with the correct, full path impedance. Single matching line, Line matching unit, according to the definition of a device that among the equipment of high pressure and the system of PLCC can be located from the following parts is composed of: • coil leakage • primary • switch connect to ground • dielectric impedance matching • device setting • secondary • transformer matching: this is a dielectric, while the separation of the primary and secondary , for impedance matching line voltage with the machine PLC is used.

This means the following tasks is responsible for: • connecting signals the PLC to the network pressure • the passage of transit of the carrier signal in the post, the middle interface of origin and destination • impedance matching between the line pressure and the system • breakdown of the electrical system, the network pressure strong