Acronym of JUL

( July ) July (French: juillet), or July to July) the seventh month of the year was in the calendar of Gregory, and sometimes a number (between June and August) is the month, the fourth fish, which is 31 days. The name of this month from the Senate of Rome to commemorate Julius Caesar, who in this month was born. has been chosen. Before such named place name this month .

for the average of this month the hottest month in the northern hemisphere (because the first month is summer) and coldest months in the south hemisphere (because the first winter months). In half South Korean from the perspective of seasonal July, corresponding to January in the northern hemisphere.

in half the North Korean phrase, "the days," to the early days of July used because, arduous summer started. Sheep spring, in the late winter and beginning of spring come into the world, and usually the AGO from July 1, to sell to arrive.

In ancient Rome the celebration on July 5 and Lodi on 13 July and a few days after it held, but today these celebrations, matching, casual, a number of establishments today, other with the dates correspond.