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Acronym References

What is AK ?

Avtomat Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov (Kalash) is a family of assault rifles with "yenetsh under possession", produced by the Kalashnikov consortium. The weapon, powered by 39×7 6 62 caliber shells, is armed with indirect pressure of gunpowder gas and has a three-position Observer tab, which gives the weapon three guarantor modes barrage and sniper, respectively. AK is an abbreviation of Kalashnikov (in Russian: автомат). The number 47 in Russian means automatic weapons, and the number 47 refers to the year 1947 when the weapon was in abundance on the production line. The name of the weapon is derived from the name of the designer Mikhail timofeevich Kalashnikov. (He designed the gun with inspiration from grave 44, which is a weapon, making Nazi Germany did, and because of the completion of the war and of the collapse of the army of Germany (1945-1935), a lot of designs elite in many fields, by America, the Soviet Union, and other countries have been stolen, and lots of it. later on, with another name made were unveiled.)

the mass production of the AK-47 of 1947 in the Soviet Union began with attention to ease of Use and maintenance, high strength, etc. the cost of low production and high durability to the most popular gun among the guns aggressive in the world became. Weapons AK-M (produced in the year 1959 ad), the AK-74 with the caliber of the lower 5 of 45-millimeter (produced in 1974 AD) and Type-56 production model of China, the AK-47 of the most famous types of are. More than 200 million Kalashnikov weapons have been manufactured in the Soviet Union and other countries since the yen. Therefore, Kalashnikov machine guns have been used for killing over the past 50 years, more than other types of machine guns-both in the hands of revolutionaries and by military and security forces. Maker of this gun Mikhail Kalashnikov said that every time I see a gun that is in the hands of terrorist groups to defend my country, I ask myself what happened Of the approximately 500 million rifles in the world in 2004 about 100 million were from the Kalashnikov family.