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What is شمپه ?

شیمیایی، میکروبی، پرتوزاینده، هسته‌ای

Defense that short phrase, defense, chemical, microbial, etc. ., the core is for yesterday. units and tools to deal with the weapons, chemical, microbial, etc. core goes to work. Until the end of the Cold War, the phrase for Washington, DC. microbial., the chemicals (abbreviation ABC) went to work, which then for nuclear talks, microbial, etc., chemical (NBC) was changed. With the development of radioactive weapons, the protocol was changed in 2012 to Shemp defense (abbreviated Yen Yen). Earlier and during the Iran-Iraq War, the term was also used as sh-R ("sh-R"), which is shortened to chemical-microbial-radioactive.