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What is JUN ?


June (French: Juin) or June (June) the sixth month of the year during timepiece and timepiece Gregory is one of the four months, 30 days years. the Roman poet, in the idyll with the name June, the two roots is brought about: first, it (juno), etc. the Romans, wife of Jupiter, which is also the row Hera Greek, in ancient Greek legend. Second: it is said that this name from the Latin word iuniores, meaning "younger" is taken against the maiores, meaning "elders" or "" placed. was believed that the root may, months ago from June, of the word maiores taken.

not in the year of the ordinary and not in leap years there are no fish that same day of the week begins when June begins. May and June are the only two fish that have this feature are. June on the same day of the week ends when February ends.

in the northern hemisphere June, the longest days of the year, and in the south hemisphere the shortest days. In terms of seasonal June in the northern hemisphere equal to December in the south hemisphere and vice versa. In the northern hemisphere June 1, the initiator is summer in south hemisphere, the initiator of the winter.

at the beginning of June, the constellation of the bull and in the end it is the constellation of Geminorum. However, due to the precessional motion in the vernal equinox, June, show, nose, Gemini begins with the tower cancer end.

because the name June or joon from the name (juno) (or Hera) is taken and , the God of marriage and married couples. some this more to the horoscope of Nick fall, and it is an important factor in the happiness you know why, in this month the largest number of marriages can be seen.

the legendary Icelandic says that if on 24 June, naked in the dew, the dawn of the ton into the water, saw palmetto, then, Hengameh aging in the beach such a will.